Most of supply chain enterprises are using Trademonday solution to optimize the business intelligently. Here are few examples on how manufacturer, reseller, brand owner and Alibaba’s gold suppliers use our solution.

(1) How Manufacturer uses Trademonday?

Manufacturer: I am a manufacturer of the USB Type C cable and would like to expand to the oversea markets. I have no ideas on how to set pricing of my product, particularly I don’t know what’s the right price to maximize the revenue.

Price Setting Strategy – Price vs Sold Quantities Analysis

DataSunday: Using DataSunday can easy to extract the historical sales and pricing data of the identical or similar products. So, you can easy to identify the most optimized price to maximize the revenue

The chart below demonstrates the correlation of price and sold quantities. The price point between $1 and $3 will generate the maximum sales revenue.

Distribution Channel Analysis

Manufacturer: I learned there are lots unauthorized resellers or even some of them are selling the potential counterfeit products.  However, there are too many resellers that I need a systemic approach to manage the distribution channels and resellers activities.

DataSunday: Our data can extract the average selling price in different product categories of resellers  so that you can see the big picture of reseller activities. Furthermore, you can also compare the actual selling price of reseller with the official reseller price, to see who may sell below the official reseller price as well as the sales activities of potential counterfeit products.

Referring to the chart below, the resellers list below the blue grid is relatively selling the countrified products. Those sellers list below the grey grid is likely the unauthorized resellers.

Material Resource Planning

Manufacturer: I would like to optimize the production resources and produce the products with strong future market demand. However, I have no ideas how to forecast the customer demand.

DataSunday: With our data, this is easy to generate the historical sales data to forecast the future trend.

The chart below shows the market demand on the apple watch is in downward trend, so this implies the market demand of the apple watch accessories will drop significantly in future. Manufacturer is recommended to reduce the production of such accessories products and accelerate to sell the inventories.

(2) How Alibaba gold suppliers use Trademonday?

Click here to see the Alibaba report.

(3) How Reseller uses Trademonday?

Sales Trend Analysis

Reseller: I sourced a great product but I don’t know how much customer is willing to pay as well as the customer demand for such product?

DataSunday: Our data can illustrate the average sold price and the sales trend.

Referring to the product below, the average sold price of marketplace is between $140 – $160 in U.S.

The sold price and actual customer demand demonstrate in upward trend in last 3 months.

If the cost of goods sold (COGS) can be managed below $140, this is a potential product to source and resell in U.S.

Competitor Analysis

Reseller: I am going to sell the branded products online but I don’t want to sell the product categories which is intense competition.

DataSunday: We can extract the marketplace data breakdown by merchant and product categories that give you a full picture of the competition.

The below chart demonstrates 40% of competitors are selling the casual shirt and tops categories. You may consider starting the business in coats, t-shirts, shorts which are the less competition product categories and easy differentiate your business.

Margin Analysis

Reseller: I operate an online store and I want to expand the product categories. However, I don’t know which products can generate the highest margin.

DataSunday: Our data can let you easy to compare the sourcing price and retail price of the same product so that you can easy to pick the highest margin products to your product categories.

Below chart demonstrates the sales margin of different smartphone models and the source of suppliers.