September 24, 2017



1. How many product categories support?

It supports only the categories you can select from the drop down list. We will include new product categories from time to time. If you can not find the product categories right for you, you can contact us at to upgrade to the Enterprise version. We customize the solution to customers.

2. What is Enterprise version and what is the features?

We support two major functions in Enterprise versions. 1) Integrating the client’s inventory database and allow user to generate the market intelligence specifically based on the inventory items. 2) Tracking the unlicensed seller, identifying the grey market and discovering the global market demand for specific products by monitoring the price variance and transaction data. Trade Monday charge the project fee plus data usage fee. For details, please contact us at

3. Which payment methods you accept?

We accept Paypal only, but we will include the new payment methods from time to time. Please stay tuned for the announcement.

4. Will TradeMonday help to order the product from supplier?

You can complete the order form. We can help you to order from supplier and ship to you or your customer. We require to settle the payment in full by Paypal in advance. For details, please contact

5. When I click the sourcing or sales information, why the data does not match the market intelligence sometime?

TradeMonday collects the marketplace data on daily basis to make sure the market intelligence reflecting the latest situation. However, the suppliers or sellers may change their listing strategy every minute, so technically there is 1-day time gap on the data accuracy. Fortunately, based on our experience, this only reflects less than 1% of the search results.

6. What is the customer service contact?

If you have any questions, please contact us at and the customer service team will reply your email within 24 hours.