TradeMonday announced the launch of DataSunday - AI-empowered data extraction tools in Alibaba, April 2018, Hong Kong

TradeMonday is a proud to present the new products - DataSunday in Alibaba workshop.

For retailers, resellers and manufactures, who want to import and export products through online marketplaces, DataSunday is an AI-empowered data extraction tools for online marketplaces. Unlike web scrapping application, our solution offers flexibility and stability to extract the product, price, transaction, customer feedback and product review data of any categories from online marketplaces in 1 click without configuration. The solution supports major online marketplaces including, ebay, Amazon. Taobao, Alibaba, Price.com.hk, Gmarket.com

For more information on DataSunday, please visit http://trademonday.com/datasunday/

2018 B2B Youth Festival 2

TradeMonday partnered with Alibaba to launch the 2018 Hong Kong B2B eCommerce Youth Festival, October 2017, Hong Kong

TradeMonday is a proud to partner with Alibaba to launch the 2018 Hong Kong B2B eCommerce Youth Festival (2018香港B2B電商青年節), TradeMonday was invited to the open ceremony of the Festival on October 23.

2018 Hong Kong B2B eCommerce Youth Festival is organized by Alibaba.com, co-organized with Vocational Training Council and Hong Kong Top 10 e-Commerce Club. The aim of this event is to nurture the e-commerce talents in Hong Kong by providing training workshop that participate in the event. Application is open now until December 15.

For more information on 2018 Hong Kong B2B eCommerce Youth Festival, please visit http://2018hkb2b.stheadline.com/


TradeMonday partnered with ECAHK, eBay and Yahoo to launch the Joint University eCommerce Entrepreneur Competition, October 2017, Hong Kong

TradeMonday representative was with the participants of Joint University eCommerce Entrepreneur Competition (聯校電商創業家比賽) on October 6, 2017 to talk about the importance of data analysis in e-commerce and introduce TradeMonday to assist them for their competition. TradeMonday is also an award sponsor of the competition, the award will present to participant that can best demonstrate their data analysis by using TradeMonday.


Retail Touch Point, September 2017,  United States

"The Store As Platform

This relates to stores becoming places that don’t simply house owned inventory, but that provide access to the products customers want. We’re seeing this with electronics retailers like Best Buy — they are carrying products that they don’t own, and when a customer buys them, they are drop-shipped from a third party while Best Buy takes its cut of the transaction.

The solution here, from TradeMonday, is specifically for marketplace sellers. The company already has more than 200 customers in Hong Kong alone that are using this platform. Trade Monday provides reporting to these sellers, on a product level, not just about what is selling in different marketplaces but what their profitability is. They can manage profit margin visibility across multiple marketplaces, including Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. For example, a Nikon camera might be selling well on eBay U.S., but it’s selling even better on eBay UK, and because the duties and total landed costs of fulfilling are lower for the latter, the margins are much better. Previously, this kind of calculation had to be done manually with Excel spreadsheets.”


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Cyberport_Spring board to success_TM

Cyberport, August 2017, Hong Kong

TradeMonday, the Cyberport incubation program intake 20 company, was selected by the latest hall of the fame in August.


Sourcing Journal, July 2017, United States

“Retail is already rough and sales at many brands are taking hits, but startup TradeMonday is providing innovative technology to alleviate this issue.

TradeMonday is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) machine learning market intelligence program, that can help
retailers identify hidden supply and market demand, recommend an optimized product portfolio that would
achieve desired sales margins, adjust price and product assortments based on sales targets and identify
potential counterfeit goods in online marketplaces.”

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XRC Labs, July 2017, United States

XRC labs unveils Cohort 4 companies. TradeMonday selected as one of nine companies from 500 global applications.

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Ernst and Young, August 2016, Hong Kong

TradeMonday awarded the Certificate of Merit – 2016 EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Program