Data Intelligence for Retail &

Supplier Recommendation

  • Insights :
  • A centralized sourcing platform to identify the top selling products from various supplier platforms
  • Identify best selling products at lowest unit price based on proprietary 3 ‘S’ model 1) Top Sales 2) Top Supplier’s rating 3) Positive Sentiment
  • Business Benefits :
  • An aggregated and standardize sourcing insight from various sourcing platforms
  • Quick identify the top selling products in specific regions
  • Sourcing the quality products at lowest price based on three 3 product recommendation model

Sales Strategy Recommendation

  • Insights :
  • Who purchased your products and who purchased from your competitor?
  • Why consumer purchased from you and what your consumer said about your products?
  • What is the best selling products in the market? Is your competitor’s product dominate in the market and why?
  • Business Benefits :
  • Optimize the media buy, Ad copy and customer acquisition strategy based on the end-consumer demographic and reason of purchase
  • Optimize the promotion strategy (i.e. discount rate & rebate offer)

All-in-one E-Commerce  Automation Platform

  • Insights :
  • Identify the consumer trend on specific product categories and brand based on the transaction and reason of purchase and customer sentiment
  • Identify the inventory change and new product listing of specific category
  • Business Benefits :
  • Reallocate the resource planning, procurement, category management based on the consumer favour product categories, brand and products
  • Identify the reason of purchase to optimize the sales and marketing, inventory and portfolio management