Ai-powered retail experimental platform

Our Solution

Retail Business is all about uncertainty. Our experimental platform promise the power of retail transaction data to reduce uncertainty.


Trademonday is a retail experimental platform facilitating the validation of new product or new market assumption by real retail transaction data for instant opportunity definition. sales strategy optimization and risk management.

The actionable market intelligence supports most of product categories and we specialise on Fashion, Cosmetic, Electronic and Grocery.

Our competitive advantage are in 3 areas:



  • We enable fully customised data schema and intelligence based on individual customer needs . For example, the market and competitor turnover insight can breakdown to demographic and materials composition


  • Our proprietary algorithm monitor the transaction variance from billions of transaction records and instantly extract the customised data in order to enabling dynamic and responsive business strategy for clients


  • We collect, standardise and clustering the data schema and format from various sources and different marketplaces so that we enable to provide the regional or global view of market intelligence


How we help our client to identify the business opportunity?

Our experimental platform covers retail market data in these regions

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