Retail Experimental Platform

A SaaS data analytic platform simulating product and shopper recommendation for retailers, brand owners and shopping mall


Customised data schema and intelligence based on customer needs


Instant turns retail market transaction data into insight


Aggregate various data sources to reveal insight in holistic view

REP! Cloud for Retail and Brand

Retail Experimental Platform (REP!) turns market transaction data into customised actionable insight for retailers and brand owners

Sales Demand Simulation

Rapid validate the product and sales strategy assumption

Inventory Simulation

Optimised inventory strategy by unlocking the slow-moving inventory in the market

Price Simulation

Simulate the optimised price, transaction and turnover for profit maximisation

Competition Insight

Reveal the sales and demographic correlation of your competitors

Customer Insight

Unlock customer feedback, social listening and sentiment based on product attributes

Product Sourcing Insight

Discover the top selling quality products and qualified suppliers in seconds

E-Commerce Platform

Customised the E-Commerce platform develop for retail and service industry

Application Development

Customised Retail application including ERP and CRM for enterprise and SME

How to implement REP! Analytic Solutions into business

Featured Industries

Retail Experimental Platform (REP!) supports major retail industries globally

About Trademonday

We turns retail market transaction data into actionable insight assisting retailers and brand owners in simulating the business strategy and control the operation risk

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