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AI-powered marketplace management solutions for retailers, brands, and resellers
Margin Maximization

Are you interested in a margin optimization strategy for selling your products through online marketplaces? TradeMonday quickly identifies which of your products sells online at the highest margins, saving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Strategic allocation of excess inventory

Did you know that your brand can quickly increase its promotional margins by 50% if you clear overstocks through marketplaces instead of at off-price stores? TradeMonday helps you discover the best marketplaces and with the most profitable margins.

monitor & report Unlicensed sellers

Do you know how much revenue and profit your brand is losing through unlicensed marketplace sellers? TradeMonday helps you monitor and analyze the activity of unauthorized sellers across major eCommerce platforms.


Are you interested in enhancing your brand’s buy low, sell high strategy? TradeMonday helps you instantly find the best online marketplaces to buy products at low prices and sell them at the highest margins.

Interested in determine which products can offer you the highest margins efficiently?

Our Target Audience

TradeMonday is for anyone selling online
For brands and retailers who sell through physical stores and/ or eCommerce platforms
For resellers who source products from wholesale and sell online in marketplaces


Our Subscription Model

TradeMonday tailor for your business needs


  • Inventory Database Integration
  • Specific Marketplace or eCommerce Monitoring
  • Customized Sales Data Collection
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