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Low Code Modularize Data & Insight Platform for Retail

 Deliver embedded data-driven retail at speed

Products data
1 M+
Brand Data
550 K+
Consumer Data
1 M+

Our Product


TradeMonday is an AI-powered retail platform that helps businesses make product and shopper recommendations. It was inspired by the financial model of arbitrage and was founded in 2016. The platform analyzes customer data from various sources globally and provides businesses with actionable insights for better strategy planning through a visual representation of customer persona, potential brands, products, and tenant performance.

Scalable Pre-Trained Retail Market data


  • Products Data

    Transaction volume, Inventory change, Price change, New products, Out-of-stock items, Product specification, Materials composition...and many more

  • Brands Data

    Sales & marketing campaign tracking, News feed, Aggregated sales performance in different channels, Social media performance, New shop & pop-up location, Key person contact...and many more

  • Customer Data

    Customer feedback on product & brand, Customer demand on product & brand, Reason of purchase, footfall traffic & count, Purchase location, Followers & followering...and many more

Low-Code Modularize Platform For Corporate Insight


  • Inisght for Retail & E-Commerce

    Which is the highest sales margin distribution channel? Which suppliers offer top selling inventory with positive consumer feedback? What is top selling products in global marketplaces?

  • Insight for Consumer Brand

    What is the persona of end-consumer? Why people purchase from competitors rather than your brand? When competitor launches a sales campaign & how's the performance?

  • Insight for Shopping Mall

    What is the potential brand / tenant the targeted audience looking for? What is the optimized tenant mix? What is the recent sales & pop-up store campaign of competitor malls? What is the hottest trend for marketing event?

Low-Code Modularize Technology


  • Pre-integrate Retail Data Sources

    Integrate social, e-commerce, trending, lifestyle and google data sources to track consumer, brand and product data

  • Pre-build AI Engines for Retail

    Embedded multiple engines to collect and extract retail data including online transaction, product review, social video, footfall and sales receipt

  • Low Cost & Easy Integration

    Pre-build engine and support API and data-feed for easy integrtaion

  • Alert in Action

    Trigger business alert based on the per-defined business rules to facilitate the responsive action on market and competition

  • ChatGPT & Dashboard Recommendaiton in Action

    Generated business recommendation via ChatGPT and our cloud based BI dashboard to enable better strategy and decision

  • SaaS Application in Action

    SaaS application to automate the data-driven business operation

Features at a Glance



Retail Data

Proprietary AI technology to deliver the cleaned, Standardized & converted the consumer, product and brand data


Retail Insight

Configurable and customized product, shopper and brand recommendation insight for retail, consumer brand, and shopping mall at speed


Retail Growth

Multiple SaaS applications to automate the retail operation

Featured Retail Industries

The SaaS Consumer Intelligence enables Industry Leaders to achieve Top-line and Growth Strategy

Shopping Mall

What’s trending brands, experience and influencers can attract your targeted shoppers?

Retails and E-Commerce

What’s the customer demanded products and where should you sell to maximize the sales margin? 

CPG and FMCG Consumer Brand

Why consumer purchased from your competitor instead of your brands? What’s your competitor campaign perform?

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Our Global Investors & Partners



Retail Insight Report 2023 : China’s health and beauty market e-commerce report

TradeMonday Channel | 13 March 2024

China’s health and beauty industry is the second-largest in the world, projected to
reach a revenue of US $78 billion by 2025 (China Briefing)¹. The health and beauty
industry includes makeup, bath and body, skincare, haircare, oral care, medicines and
supplements. This transformation in revenue is mainly due to increased disposable
income in China, rise of premiumization, and increased awareness of environmental

Retail Insight Report 2023 : Market Insight On Electronic Gadgets e-commerce U.S Market

TradeMonday Channel |15 July 2023

Consumer electronics is one of the segments that shoppers in the United States are most likely to look for online and occupies a spot in the list of top items most purchased online. A Statista survey…

Retail Insight Report 2023 : Top E-commerce Baby Care Product Market Insight in Malaysia Market

TradeMonday Channel |15 July 2023

Malaysia has made significant strides in the realm of e-commerce, and boasts a thriving e-commerce ecosystem with various online marketplaces, such as Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora …

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