Retail Experimental Platform

A SaaS consumer data intelligence platform simulating product and shopper recommendations for retailers, e-commerce, brand owners and shopping mall

Instant Integrated Insight Platforms for Action

TM Data

TM Data

Cleaned, standardized & converted the proprietary consumer footprint data collection platform and API

TM Insight

TM Insight

Pre-built products, customers and markets recommendation insight for retail, e-commerce, brand owner and shopping mall

TM Growth

TM Growth

The SaaS applications enables the quick implementation of the TM Insight that drive growth

All-in-one Data Driven Retail Strategy Applications

Cost Effective, Instant Onboard, Subscription Base

Integrated Consumer Big Data into Actions That Drives Growth

Our technology enable corporate to instant integrated external consumer data into internal CRM data as a single hub of customer intelligence that drive growth

What's your consumer interact most?

Fully integrated social media

How's your consumer physical buying behaviour?

Proprietary object recognition technology unlock consumer buying beahviour from CCTV and user generated video in Youtube

What's your consumer purchased most?

Fully integrated e-commerce consumer data

What's the trending your consumer is looking for?

Fully integrated consumer trending sources

Proprietary Consumer Footprint Data for Retail

Unlock LookALike Consumer Footprint to drive top-line strategy

Unify Data Sources

Unify the consumer data schema from various sources through proprietary clustering technology

Unify Languages

Unify the different languages from global consumers through proprietary NLP technology

Unify Omni Consumer Behaviour

Unify consumer behavior in physical traffic through object recognition technology

Pre-connected Consumer Data Sources

Unlock LookALikfe Consumer Footprint to drive top-line strategy

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Featured Retail Industries

The SaaS Consumer Intelligence enables Industry Leaders to achieve Top-line and Growth Strategy

Shopping Mall

What's trending brands, experience and influencers can attract your targeted shoppers?


Which new products should you introduce into your catalog to optimize the product portfolio?

Retail & E-Commerce

What's the customer demanded products and where should you sell to maximise the sales margin?

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About Trademonday

We turns retail market transaction data into actionable insight assisting retailers and brand owners in simulating the business strategy and control the operation risk

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