Retail Insight Report Q1 2020 : Top Cosmetic Brand Insight in the Malaysian Market


The Malaysian cosmetics market is a huge place for big brands to flourish and capture market share from Asia. 

Revlon comes on top of the list for the number of stocked items on selling platforms due to the fact that Revlon hair products, especially hair dyes, dominate the Malaysian market. Hair products account for 40% of total Revlon products in the market. While other brands’ numbers are comparable, it appears that Revlon is a key player in the Malaysian cosmetics market.

Talking in numbers, monthly sales of Revlon products Could reach 90 million Ringgit (8.2 million online sales), on the other hand, Maybelline and L’oreal monthly sales do not exceed 29 million Ringgit with comparable online sales figures.

Table of Contents

  • Brand comparison : Revlon, Maybelline and L’oreal
  • Sales turnover
  • Product portfolio
  • Customer sentiment
  • Top selling products

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