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Shopping Mall Tenant and Happening Insight


  • Tracking over 50 data sources to monitor the activities of 4,000+ brands and 30+ shopping malls, our insights have helped marketing and leasing teams, as well as brand retailers, to compare and monitor the competitor brands and the latest malls’ brand composition and promotions

  • Features

  • Brand / Tenants Acquisition & Optimization

  • Competitor Brand Monitoring

  • Competitor Mall Monitoring

  • Trending Marketing Events & Hot Toptics


Brand / Tenant Mix Recommendation

Tenant / Brand Assessment Insights​

  • Standardize the assessment criteria for a brand (i.e. existing tenant vs non-existing tenant)
  • Adjust the weighting of different assessment criteria for brand selection (i.e. strong domestic e-commerce vs strong international social media)

Business Benefits

  • Assess the brand potential during the contract renewal consideration or new brand introduction
  • Proactively introduce a new tenant (brands) ahead the competitors

F&B Tenant Recommendation

Consumer Persona Insights

  • Identify most potential F&B restaurants by evaluating on social media and trending data
  • Adjust the weighting of different assessment criteria for F&B selection

Consumer Persona Insights

  • Assess the potential F&B during the contract renewal consideration or new F&B introduction
  • Proactively introduce a new F&B ahead the competitors

Shopper Recommendation​


Unlock the consumer common interest, brands, lifestyle, KOL based on a specific content of your social media post in order to recommend the new marketing opportunity and customer journey

Business Benefits

Identify the most impactful partners and brands to drive your targeted consumer interest

Tenant Sales & Rental Recommendation


  • Merchant sales tracking
  • Occupancy tracking
  • Footfall tracking
  • Rental income tracking
  • Top vs bottom merchant sales tracking
  • Campaign sales tracking
  • KPI monitor & email alerts

Business Benefits

Automate the tenant sales, campaign and rent forecast management

GenZ & Millennial Buying Behavior Recommendation


  • Identify the brands, products, styles (i.e. download to product specification) purchased by GenZ & Millennial in E-Commerce 
  • Purchase behavior data can retrieve from last 24 hours to last 30 days
  • Consumer demographic can identify by age, gender, the unit price of a single purchase to fit into consumer characteristic of each brands and shopping malls

Business Benefits

Identify the most impactful partners and brands to drive your targeted consumer interest

Capture the Footfall and Traffic Count
- Pre-trained Video Analytic by Computer Vision

Pre-trained object label including
- human,
- product,
- gender,
- age range,
- clothing style
- ...and many more


Cloud platform



  • Implementation of ChatGPT API
  • Insight will be answered by the ChatGPT enabled Chatbot and Whatsapp bot


  • Visualize the data in the user-friendly dashboard in TradeMonday cloud platform
  • Enable user right access control

Push Notification

  • Trigger the recommendation when user browsing pattern match the market data
  • Support SMS, web and in-app notification

SaaS Customer Loyalty Mobile Platform

Automate the customer loyalty campaigns in digital earn, burn and redeem QR-code coupons

  • All-in-one customer, admin and merchant digital application
  • Scalable for multiple branches / shopes
  • Generate QR-code for redemption

Bonus Points Function

- Allow customers to earn bonus points by uploading sales receipts

- Identify sales receipt data through artificial intelligence technology

- Allow customers to view bonus points and transaction history

QR-code Coupon

- Set up different coupon rules for redemption

Contains custom search filter for different types of coupons

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