TM Insight
  • Pre-built products, customers and markets recommendation insight
  • Customized industry specific data source
  • For retail, e-commerce brand owner and shopping mall


Product Category Development Recommendation

  • Insights :
  • Identify the consumer trend (Toy as an example) on specific product categories and brand based on the reason of purchase and customer sentiment
  • Business Benefits :
  • Reallocate the resource planning, procurement, category management based on the consumer favour product categories, brand and products
  • Identify the reason of purchase to optimize the sales and marketing, inventory and portfolio management


Global New Product Recommendation

  • Insights :
  • A centralized sourcing platform to identify the top selling products of multiple product categories from various supplier sourcing platforms
  • Top 10 products summary ranked by sales volume of major product categories
  • Business Benefits :
  • An aggregated and standardize sourcing insight of multiple product categories from various sourcing platforms globally
  • Quick identify the top selling products


Sales Strategy Recommendation

  • Insights :
  • Who purchased your products and who purchased from your competitor?
  • Why consumer purchased from you and what your consumer said about your products?
  • What is the best selling products in the market? Is your competitor’s product dominate in the market and why?
  • Business Benefits :
  • Optimize the media buy, Ad copy and customer acquisition strategy based on the end-consumer demographic and reason of purchase
  • Optimize the promotion strategy (i.e. discount rate & rebate offer)
shopping mall analytic

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Tenant Sales and Performance Recommendation

  • Tenant Sales and Performance Insights :
  • Merchant Sales Tracking
  • Occupancy Tracking
  • Footfall Tracking
  • Rental Income Tracking
  • Top vs Bottom Merchant Sales Tracking
  • Campaign Sales Tracking
  • KPI Monitor & Email alert


  • Features :
  • 36 Months Rolling Data Comparison
  • Target vs Actual Comparison
  • Sales Forecast
  • MOM Increment / Reduction Tracking
  • Rent-to-Sales %
  • Sales per square feet / Rent per square feet


[Shopping Mall]

Shopper Recommendation

  • Consumer Persona Insight : Unlock the consumer common interest, brands, lifestyle, KOL based on a specific content of your social media post in order to recommend the new marketing opportunity and customer journey.
  • Benefit Benefits :
  • Identify the most impactful partners and brands to drive your targeted consumer interest

[Shopping Mall]

GenZ & Millennial Buying Behavior Recommendation

  • Tenant / Brand Sourcing Insights :
  • Identify the brands, products, styles (i.e. download to product specification) purchased by GenZ & Millennial in E-Commerce
  • Purchase behavior data can retrieve from last 24 hours to last 30 days
  • Consumer demographic can identify by age, gender, the unit price of a single purchase to fit into consumer characteristic of each brands and shopping malls
  • Business Benefits :
  • Optimize the brand or tenant portfolio based on the consumer trend
  • Identify the hidden & unique brand or tenant to drive consumer traffic and leasing revenue

[Shopping Mall]

Brand Scores for Tenant / Brand Portfolio Recommendation

  • Tenant / Brand Assessment Insights :
  • Standardize the assessment criteria for a brand (i.e. existing tenant vs non-existing tenant)
  • Adjust the weighting of different assessment criteria for brand selection (i.e. strong domestic e-commerce vs strong international social media)
  • Business Benefits :
  • Assess the brand potential during the contract renewal consideration or new brand introduction
  • Proactively introduce a new tenant (brands) ahead the competitors

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